ubuntu hardy/gcc-4.3 build errors with b40

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Wed Nov 26 18:53:42 UTC 2008

Hi Douglas,

On Wed, 2008-11-26 at 00:27 -0800, Douglas Felt wrote:
> I'm running into multiple errors trying to build openjdk 7 on ubuntu
> 8.10.  I downloaded the  sources from
> http://www.java.net/download/openjdk/jdk7/promoted/b40/openjdk-7-ea-src-b40-20_nov_2008.zip
> as listed on http://download.java.net/openjdk/jdk7/.
> [...]
> Is my version of gcc too new?  The information on
> http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk7/build/raw-file/tip/README-builds.html
> is only current as of ubuntu 7.10, and mentions older versions of some
> packages.  Is there a more recent list of build tools for ubuntu?
> gcc-4.3 seems to be an indirect dependency of eclipse.  It's not clear
> if i can downrev it to 4.1 and use the debian eclipse install.
> Anyway, what should I do?

You might want to try out the IcedTea build system.
That will give you a simple configure style detection of the tools and
it will set all the necessary flags and it contains patches and
workarounds for various build issues with newer or older GNU/Linux
tools. There are currently two variants:
http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/icedtea6 for tracking openjdk6 (b12).
http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/icedtea for tracking openjdk7 (b40).
Distro specific help can also be gotten on the mailinglist:



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