Need reviewers - 6856630: Restructure jaxp repository

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 7 23:37:23 UTC 2009

Hi Kelly:
> Need reviewers:
> 6856630: Restructure jaxp/jaxws repositories
> Webrev:

Your new version has:

108 default: all
168 jprt_build_product jprt_build_debug jprt_build_fastdebug: all

But I can't find an all: target in here.  Are my tired eyes that bad?
Hopefully not - searching for all: didn't find it either.  :-)

52 # Directories to be excluded fro source bundles

                                ^^^^ should be 'from'

That's all I have-

Do you need people to test this?


> Goal is to ease the jaxp integration into jdk7.
> The JAXP team would make the jdk7 source drop bundles available,
> and integration into jdk7 would involve the modifications of
> some properties in jaxp/ to use the selected bundles.
>    * 'ant source' populates the drop source and would be run prior to
>      the creation of larger source bundles for openjdk7 and jdk7.
>    * Test bundle specifics and how the tests are run are TBD
>    * Original jaxp source is still in the "src/" directory and after
>      some soak time will be deleted from the repository or moved aside.
>    * Formal builds can use ALT_JAXP_SOURCE_BUNDLE to select the bundle.
>    * The same basic mechanism would be used for jaxws.
> -kto

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