Please review fix for 6705913 "freetype_versioncheck.exe - Unable To Locate Component"

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 21 21:19:28 UTC 2009

Hi Martin

> Well, I have to side with Microsoft on this one.

So do I, actually.  The O/S directories should be read-only.

I take issue with the alternative presented to developers
and ISVs all over the world, which is that they must redistribute
the runtime with their product.  Everyone has to solve the same

For example, Microsoft could push out the runtimes as a Windows
update - but I guess the compiler team and the O/S team couldn't
agree on that.

> One of my favorite features of the jdk (on Unix)
> is how the installation is self-contained and "just works"
> without modifying any OS-specific directories,
> or indeed any sort of "install" process.

Absolutely!  We use that all day long, because we each have n
versions or builds of the JDK around and switch between them.


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