Cross Compiling for x86_64 on x86

Erik Trimble Erik.Trimble at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 7 10:25:22 UTC 2009

Christian Thalinger wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-12-07 at 10:39 +0100, Christian Thalinger wrote:
>> There problem here is ADLC, which is part of the server compiler.  Let
>> me try to get it built for a 32-bit host...
> A really ugly (but possibly working) hack to build a full OpenJDK
> successfully would be to copy a 32-bit adlc over the 64-bit one when the
> build fails:
> $ cp build/solaris/solaris_i486_compiler2/generated/adfiles/adlc build/solaris/solaris_amd64_compiler2/generated/adfiles/adlc
> Then just restart the build.
> -- Christian

However, frankly, I'd seriously recommend that you use a native OS 
install to build the 64-bit JDK for either Windows or Linux.  Even for 
Solaris, where the 32/64 bit libraries and such are very well 
segregated, there's lots to go wrong.

With the proliferation of LiveCD distros out there, if you don't want to 
do an actual install to Hard Drive, you can still do a build when booted 
from LiveCD. 

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