Please review: Bug ID: 6899737 JDK build fails in make/java/jli because of _vsnprintf macro redefinition

Artem Ananiev Artem.Ananiev at Sun.COM
Thu Dec 17 08:54:00 UTC 2009

Hi, Tim,

is this problem specific to the newest MS compiler only (and do we care 
of any other compiler when building JDK7 on windows)? If yes, we could 
change the condition to

#if !defined(vsnprintf) && !defined(NO_vsnprintf) && (!defined(_MSC_VER) 
|| (_MSC_VER >= 1500))



Tim Bell wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Here is the bug report:
> Here is the proposed fix (works when using both Visual Studio 2003 and VS 2008
> on Windows XP SP2):
> This is a blocker for my work on the full Visual Studio 2008 build of JDK7.
> Thanks in advance-
> Tim

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