Review request for 6909572: Add a new target for building modules

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Fri Dec 18 19:10:57 UTC 2009

Mandy Chung wrote:
> We have made some progress in eliminating several undesirable 
> dependencies in the past few builds [1].   A class analyzer tool in 
> the jigsaw/tools repository [2] has been developed and used to analyze 
> the dependencies.
> The next step of the jdk modularization effort is to make the build 
> changes to generate modules.   I plan to break this task into several 
> steps.   The first step is to add a new "modules" target to build the 
> module image that has one jar file per module rather than rt.jar.  
> This change does not have any impact to the existing jdk build.
> Webrev at:
Mandy - I finally got to through this (actually the updated version

This is a useful first step, so good job and consider it reviewed. My 
only comment is that it duplicates some of the beast that is 
Release.gmk. I don't have suggestions but someday we should re-visit 
these (and I've no doubt we'll be changing this many times in jdk7 anyway).

A couple of minor nits:
- make/Makefile - do you want to list the modules target, maybe as 
experimental, under development, ...
- make/common/Modules.gmk needs the date in the copyright message to be 
- make/modules/jdk7.depconfig - we should add a copyright header to this


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