No rule to make foo.cpp needed by foo.o ???

Igor Nekrestyanov Igor.Nekrestyanov at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 21 06:59:42 UTC 2009

It could very well be timestamp issue, especially if you are editing 
files on the network file system.

    gnumake -dd

Log should provide some additional details while rule was skipped.


On 12/20/09 10:52 PM, Deepak Mathews wrote:
> Are you sure about the path to foo.cpp in the makefile is correctly 
> set during compilation.
> It also can be a timestamp issue, but only if the updated file has a 
> modification time might be trivial... but the if system 
> time is behind it can cause this issue..
> On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 8:46 AM, David Holmes - Sun Microsystems 
> <David.Holmes at <mailto:David.Holmes at>> wrote:
>     I'm doing a build and get a compilation error in foo.cpp, so I fix
>     the problem that caused the error and make then aborts with
>     "No rule to make target 'foo.cpp' needed by 'foo.o'. Stop"
>     I have to do a clean and then re-build to get past this.
>     This is building hotspot on linux and the make version is 3.81
>     This is driving me nuts and wasting a lot of time!
>     Anyone got any idea why make is doing this? It is as-if it can't
>     find the updated cpp file. Could it be a timestamp issue?
>     Thanks,
>     David Holmes

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