How to speed up Hotspot Build

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Mon Feb 9 08:55:18 UTC 2009

Hi Peng,

I would also recommend to use the HotSpot Makefile. I usually only
check out the hotspot/ direcotry and build the gamma launcher from
within the hotspot/make subdirectory. This should complete in less
than 30 Minutes on your hardware. I've described how you can build
only certain parts of the VM (e.g. only server compiler) and how to
use the gamma launcher with an existing JDK in my blog at:


On 2/7/09, Peng Du <imdupeng at> wrote:
> Hello, guys
> Recently, I am working on some slight modifications of Hotspot VM without
> touching the JDK part. So, I have to compile Hotspot quite frequently.
> However, the build is awfully slow on my machine with a Intel 2.4G dual core
> CPU, 3G memory, and OpenSUSE11. It takes about 2-3 hours for one build.
> Here is the relevant fragment of my build script:
> ==================================
> export MAKE_VERBOSE=true
> export DEBUG_GDB3=true
> export ARCH_DATA_MODEL=32
> export BUILD_HOTSPOT=true
> export BUILD_LANGTOOLS=false
> export BUILD_JDK=false
> export BUILD_JAXP=false
> export BUILD_JAXWS=false
> export BUILD_CORBA=false
> export BUILD_DEPLOY=false
> export BUILD_J2SE=false
> export DEV_ONLY=true
> export SKIP_DEBUG_BUILD=false
> ==================================
> Any ideas on how to tune this to speed up the build? Or, are there problems
> with the script?
> Thanks!
> Peng Du
> 2/7/2009

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