Please review: 6695776 in OpenJDK7 (corba jscheme jar files in repository could be built from source)

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Thu Mar 19 19:18:34 UTC 2009

2009/3/19 Tim Bell <Tim.Bell at>:
> Hi Folks
> This is part of a project to move fixes that are already in OpenJDK6 forward
> to OpenJDK7.
> The fix for will
> remove some binary artifacts from the source tree and instead build them
> from sources when required.
> Here are the code changes:
> These corba changes are building OK on our internal JPRT build system. I
> confirmed by inspecting the build logs that the expected sources
> ( are built at the correct time.
> Thanks in advance-
> Tim Bell

Funnily enough, being the original author of this one, I was just
about to file a bug for it in the new OpenJDK bug database when I saw
this mail.  The patch went into OpenJDK6 a while ago but never reached
OpenJDK7.  As a result, we've been applying it to IcedTea7's builds of
JDK7 all this time, so I can confirm that it does still apply fine :)

It would be great to see it in JDK7 proper.  Same goes for the
IMPORT_BINARY_PLUGS stuff while you're at it... ;)

Andrew :-)

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