Bug 100028 - Debug information is incomplete or missing

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Thu Mar 26 16:49:09 UTC 2009

This is my first stab at moving patches from IcedTea into OpenJDK.

Rather than creating a single overriding variable that enables debuginfo
everywhere I've used two, one for native files and one for class files.
Setting DEBUG_CLASSFILES=true in the toplevel forces all classes to be built
with full debuginfo, and DEBUG_BINARIES does the same for native binaries.
These make variables are entirely independent of the debug and optimization
setting.  This allows GNU/Linux distributions to build OpenJDK in a form
fit for distribution without patching makefiles or Ant buildfiles.  It also
means that the Ant variables javac.debug and javac.debuginfo are respected
everwhere in the build.


Is this OK?


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