RC.exe location change?

Ted Neward ted at tedneward.com
Fri Mar 27 12:24:37 UTC 2009

While building the OpenJDK (finally got past the FreeType issues, though I'm
not entirely sure how or why, which bugs me), I've run across an error where
the make files seem to assume that rc.exe lives in the compiler directory.
and it doesn't-it's been moved to the Platform SDK.


For example, the problem first shows up in



# MSVC Compiler settings



ifeq ($(PLATFORM), windows)

  CC           = $(COMPILER_PATH)cl

  CPP          = $(COMPILER_PATH)cl

  CXX          = $(COMPILER_PATH)cl

  CCC          = $(COMPILER_PATH)cl

  LIBEXE       = $(COMPILER_PATH)lib

  LINK         = $(COMPILER_PATH)link


# Begin TKN mod


#  RC           = $(MSDEVTOOLS_PATH)rc

  RC           = $(MSDEVTOOLS_PATH)/../MicrosoftSDKs/Windows/v6.1/Bin/rc


# End TKN mod


  LINK32       = $(LINK)

  RSC          = $(RC)


Now I'm not sure if MSDEVTOOLS_PATH is supposed to point to the PlatformSDK
bin, or the MSVS9.0/VC/bin (which is what other parts of the build system
seem to assume), or what, but rc.exe pretty definitively isn't in the VC
directory of VS 2008, from what I can tell. (I checked on another machine
that had a "go ahead install everything" install experience, and it's not
there, either.)


Dunno if this is a bug, or what, but the Compiler-msvc file should probably
be patched to read something like:


    ifeq ($(CC_MAJORVER), 15)

      # This should be: CC_VER=15.00.21022.08 LINK_VER=9.00.21022.08

      REQUIRED_CC_VER = 15.00.21022.08

      REQUIRED_LINK_VER = 9.00.21022.08

      COMPILER_NAME=Visual Studio 9


      #rebase and midl moved out of Visual Studio into the SDK:

      REBASE     = $(MSDEVTOOLS_PATH)/rebase

      MTL        = $(MSDEVTOOLS_PATH)/midl.exe

      RC = $(MSDEVTOOLS_PATH)/rc.exe

      RCS = $(RC)

      ifndef COMPILER_PATH

                COMPILER_PATH := $(error COMPILER_PATH cannot be empty here)




. assuming MSDEVTOOLS_PATH is supposed to point to the PlatformSDK bin (and
not MSVS9.0/VC/bin).


Is that the breakdown between COMPILER_PATH and MSDEVTOOLS_PATH? The README
implies that the latter is derived from the former, and it probably
shouldn't be..


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