Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 27 16:50:25 UTC 2009

Hi Kelly

> freetypecheck has been a royal major pain in the you know what....
> So you are not alone.

I thought I reviewed some changes you wrote that eliminated the 
freetypecheck program and instead used something like grep to check for 
the version information in the freetype header files.  Was I dreaming?  ;-)

Ted wrote:

>> Here’s what I’m getting. Somebody please tell me how to figure out 
>> where the “:convert integer expression expected” messages are coming 
>> from, or why I’m getting them, before I go insane. (Then you can tell 
>> me why cl.exe can’t find “stdio.h” when it’s on the INCLUDE 
>> environment variable path….)

Kelly wrote:

> The problem is when the freetype include files are living with the cygwin
> stdio.h, which is not the one that cl.exe wants or likes.
> I ran into this when I tried to use the freetype in cygwin, so I finally
> gave up on using a cygwin freetype.

Ted wrote:

>> Oh and while you’re at THAT, somebody tell me how to build a DLL 
>> version of FreeType.

See step 8 of my blog posting:
That's what worked for me, way back when.  Let me know if the 
instructions are stale.


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