Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 27 16:57:06 UTC 2009

Tim Bell wrote:
> Hi Kelly
>> freetypecheck has been a royal major pain in the you know what....
>> So you are not alone.
> I thought I reviewed some changes you wrote that eliminated the 
> freetypecheck program and instead used something like grep to check for 
> the version information in the freetype header files.  Was I dreaming?  ;-)

I think that was the ALSA sound version check, Linux only.
I'd like to do the same thing with freetype, but the catch is that
you really need to verify that the DLL works on windows.

> Ted wrote:
>>> Here’s what I’m getting. Somebody please tell me how to figure out 
>>> where the “:convert integer expression expected” messages are coming 
>>> from, or why I’m getting them, before I go insane. (Then you can tell 
>>> me why cl.exe can’t find “stdio.h” when it’s on the INCLUDE 
>>> environment variable path….)
> Kelly wrote:
>> The problem is when the freetype include files are living with the cygwin
>> stdio.h, which is not the one that cl.exe wants or likes.
>> I ran into this when I tried to use the freetype in cygwin, so I finally
>> gave up on using a cygwin freetype.
> Ted wrote:
>>> Oh and while you’re at THAT, somebody tell me how to build a DLL 
>>> version of FreeType.
> See step 8 of my blog posting:
> That's what worked for me, way back when.  Let me know if the 
> instructions are stale.

That would have helped, not sure why I couldn't find it when I googled.

But the instructions seem quite complicated, we should probably script
this or bury this in a Makefile that builds it from  a source bundle.


> Tim

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