<Swing Dev> Request for review: Bug 100054: Make building the Nimbus look 'n' feel optional

Kirill Grouchnikov kirillcool at yahoo.com
Fri May 15 04:35:50 UTC 2009

> Oh, and if we have somehow become dependent upon a third-party tool
> (JIBX) that's so difficult to locate and has such a low commitment to
> interface stability, then perhaps we should reconsider that and use a
> different tool.

The decision to remove this tool from the version control, yet still to continue depending on it during the build time is indeed a little puzzling. Obviously the time is scarce and the tasks are many, but how difficult would it be to remove the dependency on JiBX altogether? Unless Nimbus designer is very close to public release *and* it heavily depends on JiBX, what's the compelling reason to keep having this dependency. And if i understand correctly (from either Richard or Jasper), the XMLs generated by Nimbus designer were tweaked manually afterwards.


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