Need reviewers - jdk testing changes 6888927

Jonathan Gibbons Jonathan.Gibbons at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 5 00:49:30 UTC 2009

Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>> I also like the approach I advocated some years ago:
>> - run tests under JDK 1
>> - run tests under JDK 2
>> - diff the results (JTreport directories)
>> See my diff-javatest script.
>> jtreg now has support for this (I haven't tried it lately).

In an ideal world, one set of results would be the set of results posted 
publicly somewhere for the latest promoted build.  But we don't seem to 
be able to make that happen, so I agree with Kelly that for now we need 
a more pragmatic approach of defining the set of tests we expect to work 
on every platform on every build.  Hopefully, over time, the relevant 
engineers will aspire to have their tests included in this set of tests.

-- Jon

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