building OpenJDK on Mac OS X 1.5.8?

Mario Torre neugens at
Thu Nov 5 06:29:45 UTC 2009

Il 05/11/2009 00:05, Ray Kiddy ha scritto:
> Hey -
> A bit new to this project. Not sure what the procedure is here. I found
> this doc to work from and it got me pretty far:
> But then after quite a while building, I get the following. Yet, as you
> can see, javah does exist, though perhaps not in the right place....
> I have a pretty standard dev setup. I removed X11, but that should not
> matter, yes? I work on WebObjects and Project Wonder with java and I
> build Firefox with some scripts and run mochitests and reftests. And stuff.
> Any suggestions?
> Full build log is at Except is below.
> cheers - ray


There is a thread on this error on the BSD Port mailing list, maybe of 
some help for you:

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