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Jonathan Gibbons Jonathan.Gibbons at Sun.COM
Sun Nov 8 02:31:00 UTC 2009

Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> 2009/11/6 Jonathan Gibbons <Jonathan.Gibbons at>:
>> Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>>>> I like this idea, the time to run a jdk jtreg test has put me off in the
>>>> past.
>>>> BTW, jtreg is the one thing I wouldn't mind having in the tree as it's
>>>> not something people are likely to have installed.  IcedTea has a cut
>>>> down copy and that means tests get run.
>>> I could add some makefile rules that detect when JT_HOME is not defined
>>> or cannot be found, then do a wget of the jtreg bundle and installs it
>>> in the build/*/ area for use. Just hate to have that repeatedly done
>>> over and over. I usually keep the latest jtreg in my own ~/import area
>>> along with the 1.7.1 ant and latest findbugs.
>>> Not sure what the best answer is for insuring the latest jtreg is
>>> available to use.
>> There's a lot of setup needed for a JDK build, making sure that all the
>> right
>> stuff is installed -- it's not clear to me why jtreg should be singled out
>> for
>> special treatment.  That being said, it would be nice to have more uniform
>> support for making sure that everything necessary is available.
>> -- Jon
> It was just a thought for now. I don't really like the idea of
> downloading random binaries for it either.
> I do think there is a very significant difference between the other
> dependencies and JTReg.  Things like compilers and X11 headers are
> common to building many packages, so if you're building something you
> expect them to be required.  JTReg, AFAIK, is unique to the JDK and
> not widely available (I couldn't even see a link to its development
> repository or source code tarballs on the OpenJDK pages).  It's also
> needed for doing something optional at build time (running tests) that
> we want to encourage, rather than something mandatory that is needed
> to make the runtime work.
> Is JTReg being actively developed? Is it used by other projects? If
> not, why not just have it as part of the JDK source base?
jtreg is not self-contained but is a set of extensions for 
which is the harness used for Sun's conformance test suites and other 
Therefore, including the jtreg source code in the JDK repositories would 
push the problem back one step -- you'd still need to download the JTHarness
source code.

I don't see why this is an issue for the Linux distros in particular, 
since it is
generally very easy to install any necessary packages, with apt-get and 
tools. Is there any reason why it is not equally easy to install jtreg 
the same way?

-- Jon
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