sh files in ProblemList (was Re: Need reviewers - jdk testing changes 6888927)

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Sun Nov 8 22:00:07 UTC 2009

Max (Weijun) Wang wrote:
> Hi Kelly
> I'm looking at the ProblemList.txt file, which contains some .sh files 
> in my area. I guess the .sh files should behave the same no matter if 
> -savevm is turned on, since it's always launched in another process. Am 
> I right?

Yes.  The shell tests should automatically run as 'othervm'.
If they are on the list, somehow they failed on me, but it could have
been caused by something else, like a port number collision with
another test.

> These tests (except one) normally pass when I run them (even on JPRT on 
> all platforms). Can you show me how they fail on your system? say, a 
> list of jtr files I can look into?

Which tests? I can try adding them back in and see what happens.
If they fail again I can point you at the jtr files.


> Thanks
> Max
> On Nov 7, 2009, at 6:57 AM, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>> Tim,
>> I was going to push these test changes into the jdk7/build forest,
>> but maybe it makes more sense to push it into the jdk7/tl forest?
>> Any opinions on that?
>> Fresh webrev:
>>  6888927: Fix jdk jtreg tests to indicate which ones need othervm, 
>> allow for use of samevm option
>> I've run it maybe a dozen times now and the test list is starting
>> to stabilize.
>> After I push it, I planned on working on fixing some of the
>> serviceability tests and get them off the ProblemList.
>> And that definitely seemed like a jdk7/tl change.
>> ---
>> All,
>> Let me know who wants to be listed as a reviewer on this changeset.
>> -kto

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