hotspot build problems

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Fri Dec 10 21:24:15 UTC 2010

> Regarding the HPI-problem I only have a wild guess. Recently there was
> a change which removed HPI (see:
> So
> perhaps this interferes with your build JDK which is quite old as far
> as I saw ("1.6.0-rc-b104"). Perhaps building with a newer Java 6
> version or even Java 7 may solve the problem.

That doesn't seem to have been Per's problem (as he completed a build with
selinux turned off) but your comment worries me a little.  Is there a plan
to update OpenJDK6 so it will still be able to build 7?  Otherwise that's
going to be a bootstrapping issue.  I expect, with 7 stabilising, we'll
see more people wanting to build it over the coming months and having to
build an old version of 7 first is going to make things overcomplicated.

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