Requesting help in building HotSpot Project

Kanik Chakravarty kanikchakravarty at
Tue Dec 14 09:43:56 UTC 2010

I am modifying the HotSpot project and inserting print statements to get a
trace of the code. I am using Netbeans to build the HotSpot.
Is there a way to change the makefiles so that I can build the OpenJDK from
my modified HotSpot. Currently I am doing the following:
1. Build my HotSpot in a folder named HotSpot Debug
2. Rename it to HotSpot and replace the existing
3. Make the OpenJDK project

Is this the standard process used after changing any JDK component other
than HpotSpot?
Thanks and Regards,
Kanik Chakravarty
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