Need reviewer: Add script to jdk7 repo

Steve Poole SPOOLE at
Mon Dec 20 10:02:42 UTC 2010

Kelly,   I'm struggling with getting a windows build env setup on a 64 bit
Windows 2003 + VS 2010.  I replaced some of my hackerly with your script
and got further than I was before.  So it gets my vote.

Now I've reached the point where my build fails with "unresolved external
symbol __imp_FT_Library_Version referenced in function main"  which
apparently requires I build freetype via VisualStudio...


From:       "Kelly O'Hair" <kelly.ohair at>
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Date:       19/12/2010 19:29
Subject:    Need reviewer: Add script to jdk7 repo
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Need reviewer: Add script to jdk7 repo

A while back I created a Windows shell script that could be used to
setup your environment
variables for Visual Studio compiler usage. The VS product itself
provides a bat file to help do
this, but no shell script. This script leverages the
supplied VS bat files for shell users.
See my old blog:

This script works with CYGWIN or MKS, and both styles of
shell (csh and sh)
environment variable setting. It's not super fast so it should not be
used on every shell script
startup, but can be used to help automate builds on Windows or
initialize your first shell
environment. If you have VS2010, to see what it generates as output
just run: -v10
To setup your environment you would run:
   eval ` -v10`

It works with the older VS releases, but that is quickly becoming
uninteresting for jdk7,
however this same script can be used for the jdk6 releases that use
VS2003 (-v7).

6909331: Add to the jdk repository (handy cygwin way to get
vcvars32.bat run)


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