Need reviewer: Add script to jdk7 repo

Brad Wetmore bradford.wetmore at
Thu Dec 30 04:44:24 UTC 2010

Regarding the script you added to the repository:

What expectations does this script have in terms of the environment 
already being setup?  For example, can I just install VS2010/cygwin, 
then run this script, or do I need to set my path to something before I 
run this?

Here's what I hoped I'd be able to do:

Start a command prompt and then start csh
% cd c:/wetmore/tl/make/scripts
% sh ./ -v10
% cd ../../jdk/make
% make DEBUG_CLASSFILES=true all


/cygdrive/c/VS2010/Vc/Bin/link.exe: error while loading shared 
libraries: mspdb100.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or 
../make/common/shared/Compiler-msvc.gmk:153: *** COMPILER_VERSION cannot 
be empty here.  Stop.

Looking at the resulting environment:

[wetmore at flicker-vm4] 124 >echo $PATH

This doesn't seem to match what you described earlier in your Path post 
about 5 days earlier:

The system32 paths need to be at the end, after CYGWIN, you don't want 
the windows grep.exe.
The VS compiler paths must be first, you don't want the CYGWIN link.exe.
The ant and jdk bin paths need to be before system32, you don't want the 
system32 java.exe.
So the most reliable order for me is usually: VSpaths ant jdk CYGWIN 


On 12/19/2010 11:27 AM, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> Need reviewer: Add script to jdk7 repo
> A while back I created a Windows shell script that could be used to
> setup your environment
> variables for Visual Studio compiler usage. The VS product itself
> provides a bat file to help do
> this, but no shell script. This script leverages the supplied
> VS bat files for shell users.
> See my old blog:
> This script works with CYGWIN or MKS, and both styles of shell
> (csh and sh)
> environment variable setting. It's not super fast so it should not be
> used on every shell script
> startup, but can be used to help automate builds on Windows or
> initialize your first shell
> environment. If you have VS2010, to see what it generates as output just
> run:
> -v10
> To setup your environment you would run:
> eval ` -v10`
> It works with the older VS releases, but that is quickly becoming
> uninteresting for jdk7,
> however this same script can be used for the jdk6 releases that use
> VS2003 (-v7).
> 6909331: Add to the jdk repository (handy cygwin way to get
> vcvars32.bat run)
> -kto

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