Using Java7 as Boot JDK?

Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Mon Jun 7 18:35:18 UTC 2010

On 7 June 2010 19:30, Jonathan Gibbons <jonathan.gibbons at> wrote:
> On 06/07/2010 11:16 AM, cowwoc wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Has anyone tried building OpenJDK using a JDK7 as the boot JDK? Is there
>> any
>> reason to expect this will fail? Ideally I don't want two different JDK
>> versions installed on my machine ;)
>> Gili
> Assuming you're talking about building JDK7, this should work.   In fact,
> one of the standard tests for a JDK build is to see if it can build itself.
> This is done by setting SKIP_BOOT_CYCLE=false on the make command line. If
> you set this parameter, then JDK will be built first with the boot JDK you
> provide, then again with the JDK that has just been built.
> -- Jon

I do it on a daily basis with IcedTea7.  Works fine.
Andrew :-)

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