Help building under Windows7 64-bit

cowwoc cowwoc at
Tue Jun 8 02:26:56 UTC 2010

Hi Kelly,

kelly.ohair-2 wrote:
> Note that Windows7 is a bit of an unknown to use as far as being a  
> build machine, it should work, but in
> general, the formal 32bit builds of jdk7 use older Windows releases,  
> e.g. 2000 and soon that newer one "XP" ;^)
> You are trying a 64bit build with Visual Studio 10, on Windows 7, an  
> even more unused combination.

There's no good reason for Windows builds to be this difficult... I remember
building OpenCV using cmake a few months ago and it was quite painless. Have
you looked at using cmake instead of cygwin?

kelly.ohair-2 wrote:
>> ANT_HOME="C:\Program Files\apache-ant-1.8.0"
> Your ANT_HOME setting is using \ and has spaces in the path.
> Try:
>     export ANT_HOME=`cygpath -m -s "${ANT_HOME}"`

Something is wrong with the script I posted above. Take a
look... I am clearly defining ANT_HOME as you describe yet "make sanity" is
not seeing my changes.

kelly.ohair-2 wrote:
> Did you run vcvars32.bat or vsvars32.bat? Just curious if the PATH,  
> LIB and INCLUDE env vars are setup right.

How does one run vcvars32.bat from within a bash script? Doesn't it forget
any environment variables set by the batch file?

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