hg: jdk7/deploy: 185 new changesets

Jennifer Zuo jennifer.zuo at oracle.com
Wed Jun 16 17:10:27 UTC 2010

Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> On Jun 16, 2010, at 9:37 AM, Mark Wielaard wrote:
>> Now you are confusing me. Is this new deployment forest about the
>> release of the promised GPL webstart and applet plugin source code from
>> Sun (now Oracle)? To quote Joe Darcy:
>> http://blogs.sun.com/darcy/entry/openjdk_and_the_new_plugin
> It's not a new deployment forest, but a very old openjdk forest that 
> is just now
> getting sync'd up with jdk7 master files.
> These pushes have nothing to do with any new plugin effort as far as I 
> know.
> The deployment team was just catching their old forest up, nothing 
> more than that.
Yes. This is nothing to do with any of the new features. I am just 
syncing up the deployrepos with the jdk7 master.

> -kto

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