How to run java.exe in Visual Studio

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Wed Jun 16 19:39:27 UTC 2010

My prior post is what I did when VS was activated due to a crash.  Now
that I'm not crashing I'd still like to use the debugger to set
breakpoints and step through the OpenJDK source.  Has anyone documented
how to set up an OpenJDK VS project?  I'd like VS to be aware of all the
OpenJDK source and the built PDBs.  Also, through the VS GUI I can
attach VS to the running java process, but it might be better to
activate java.exe from VS.  Please let me know if you've already
determined how to do any of this.

Thank you, Pete
Pete Brunet wrote:
> VS 2010 let me create a "solution" out of the debug session that I was
> in when the DASSERT I was encountering caused a breakpoint.  So now I
> can set breakpoints and step around in the code.  I had to add a -jar
> "blah.jar" to the argument field.
> Pete Brunet wrote:
>> How do I start java.exe in Visual Studio?  I want to set a breakpoint
>> in ...\jdk\src\windows\native\sun\windows\awt_Toolkit.cpp and walk
>> through some code.
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