Makefile help: setting HOTSPOT_EXTRA_SYSDEFS

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Thu Jun 17 05:00:36 UTC 2010

<sigh> User error. I had the wrong condition (misuse of " ") and my else 
clause was ignored because I had #else instead of just else - doh!

For the record the -p option (to print the Make database) helped me 
realize what was wrong.


David Holmes said the following on 06/16/10 11:27:
> I originally asked this internally to my HS colleagues but alas no 
> solution. Any Make gurus out there? ;-)
> A further note: the obvious reason for this to fail would be because 
> defs.make is not processed before launching the buildtree.make sub-make, 
> but AFAICS it is processed.
> Thanks,
> David
> David Holmes said the following on 06/15/10 19:14:
>> If I set HOTSPOT_EXTRA_SYSDEFS in the environment or pass it as a 
>> variable to the top-level make invocation then it works fine and 
>> buildtree.make will see it and use it in the makefiles that it generates.
>> However, I want to set it in the top-level defs.make based on some 
>> other values. I do that and export it so that submakes will see it - 
>> but they don't: buildtree.make sees HOTSPOT_EXTRA_SYSDEFS as empty.
>> I've tried setting it using += and := but they both fail to set it for 
>> the sub-make.
>> Using "make -d" is no help at all as it doesn't show how it evaluates 
>> things (the way sh -x does). :(
>> Does anybody know how I can set this?
>> Thanks,
>> David

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