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Erik Trimble erik.trimble at
Wed May 19 08:35:35 UTC 2010

Raffaello Giulietti wrote:
> Since some days, the "OpenJDK Build README" mentions Visual Studio C++
> 2010 as the reference compiler.
> As mentioned by Kelly
> (,
> the step seems to be a stable one, at least for some years, I guess.
> Kelly, to your knowledge, has the transition to VS2010 been adopted even
> by the formal JDK7 Release Engineering team?
> Can we, outside of Oracle, give it a try or should we better wait some
> weeks to see the build process stabilize before risking our mental
> health ;-) ?
I just talked with Kelly today (I'm working on the JPRT system with 
Kelly, which is what we use internally to do the development build/test).

Moving to VS 2010 isn't ready yet. You'd be welcome to try, and give us 
feedback, but we're still not ready to migrate from VS 2003 as the 
"official" C++ compiler yet.  It works, sorta, but there's still a fair 
number of bugs getting the whole system working properly.

We're also looking at updating the SDK at the same time, so there's 
issues around that, too (though, less so). And, of course, we're looking 
at changing the build OS itself from Windows 2000 to something a bit 
more modern.  And, the latest Cygwin has issues, too.

I don't want to sound negative, because there really has been progress 
made. It's just that we need to update a whole bunch of things, and 
Windows is a real pain, compared to the other OSes we support.

The jist of this is this:   we're actively working on updating the Win32 
and Win64 build setups (all aspects) to something that we can likely 
live with for at least a few more years.  It's not done yet.

It's also not quite up to just the RE Team to OK the switch - there are 
other stakeholders which have to OK it too.

Kelly will have to speak as to the official adoption of VS2010 when it 
actually happens.

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