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Raffaello Giulietti raffaello.giulietti at
Wed May 19 14:14:12 UTC 2010

Thanks Pete, but I already reported my Windows build history with VS2008

I was just curious about the commitment to VS2010. From the response by
Erik, I decided to wait some time before I'll ever try my next Windows


On 2010-05-19 15:49, Pete Brunet wrote:
> Raffaello, If you'd like to get started before the build is updated I
> can give you some hints based on my experience with VS 2008.  Back in
> November I was successful in building b75 with the Standard Edition of
> VS 2008.  I assume the Express version would also work, possibly with
> some similar adjustments.  Here are the changes I made:
> 1) RC and MT moved from
>   C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin
> to
>   C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin
> 2) Fix to c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
> 9.0\VC\INCLUDE\stdio.h(358) : error C3163:
>   '_vsnprintf': attributes inconsistent with previous declaration
> Don't execute the #define vsnprintf _vsnprintf on line 224 of
> C:\OpenJDK\jdk7\jdk\src\share\native\java\util\zip\zlib-1.2.3\zutil.h
> Stdio.h now defines it.  See
> Note: I found a similar #define in
> C:\OpenJDK\jdk7\jdk\src\windows\back\util_md.h but I didn't need to
> comment it out.
> 3) Edited C:\OpenJDK\jdk7\jdk\make\common\shared\Defs-versions.gmk to
> change the required linker version from
>   9.00.21022.08 to 9.00.30729.01
> Also, I had a problem unrelated to the compiler, but also needed the
> following fix, but perhaps I only needed it because I was building on
> the same system I do all my other work and thus was stressing my 2G of RAM.
> Error occurred during initialization of VM, Could not reserve enough
> space for object heap
>   edit the following to reduce -Xmx896m on java invocation
>     C:\OpenJDK\jdk7\jdk\make\common\shared\Platform.gmk
>     C:\OpenJDK\jdk7\corba\make\common\share\Platform.gmk
>   change echo "896" to echo "640"
> Things may have changed in the latest build scripts so the all the above
> may no longer be needed for 2008, but perhaps they will be hints for any
> issues with 2010.
> Pete
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> Erik Trimble wrote:
>> Raffaello Giulietti wrote:
>>> Since some days, the "OpenJDK Build README" mentions Visual Studio C++
>>> 2010 as the reference compiler.
>>> As mentioned by Kelly
>>> (,
>>> the step seems to be a stable one, at least for some years, I guess.
>>> Kelly, to your knowledge, has the transition to VS2010 been adopted even
>>> by the formal JDK7 Release Engineering team?
>>> Can we, outside of Oracle, give it a try or should we better wait some
>>> weeks to see the build process stabilize before risking our mental
>>> health ;-) ?
>> I just talked with Kelly today (I'm working on the JPRT system with
>> Kelly, which is what we use internally to do the development build/test).
>> Moving to VS 2010 isn't ready yet. You'd be welcome to try, and give
>> us feedback, but we're still not ready to migrate from VS 2003 as the
>> "official" C++ compiler yet.  It works, sorta, but there's still a
>> fair number of bugs getting the whole system working properly.
>> We're also looking at updating the SDK at the same time, so there's
>> issues around that, too (though, less so). And, of course, we're
>> looking at changing the build OS itself from Windows 2000 to something
>> a bit more modern.  And, the latest Cygwin has issues, too.
>> I don't want to sound negative, because there really has been progress
>> made. It's just that we need to update a whole bunch of things, and
>> Windows is a real pain, compared to the other OSes we support.
>> The jist of this is this:   we're actively working on updating the
>> Win32 and Win64 build setups (all aspects) to something that we can
>> likely live with for at least a few more years.  It's not done yet.
>> It's also not quite up to just the RE Team to OK the switch - there
>> are other stakeholders which have to OK it too.
>> Kelly will have to speak as to the official adoption of VS2010 when it
>> actually happens.

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