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Wed May 19 16:20:19 UTC 2010

On 5/19/2010 12:56 AM, Raffaello Giulietti wrote:
> Since some days, the "OpenJDK Build README" mentions Visual Studio C++
> 2010 as the reference compiler.
> As mentioned by Kelly
> (,
> the step seems to be a stable one, at least for some years, I guess.
> Kelly, to your knowledge, has the transition to VS2010 been adopted even
> by the formal JDK7 Release Engineering team?

Since you got so far as to find this doc perhaps you could actually read 
it. It says :
*BEGIN WARNING*: At this time (Spring/Summer 2010) JDK 7 is starting a 
transition to use the newest VS2010 Microsoft compilers. These build 
instructions are updated to show where we are going. We have a QA 
process to go through before official builds actually use VS2010. So for 
now, official builds are still using VS2003. No other compilers are 
known to build the entire JDK, including non-open portions. So for now 
you should be able to build with either VS2003 or VS2010. We do not 
guarantee that VS2008 will work, although there is sufficient makefile 
support to make at least basic JDK builds plausible. Visual Studio 2010 
Express compilers are likely to be able to build all the "open" sources, 
with only small adjustments, but this has yet to be made to work. Also 
we have not yet seen the 7.1 Windows SDK with the 64 bit compilers. *END 

The only update I have to this is that I've got a small push coming up 
which makes the Express compilers
work too  for all the open repos - at least for 32 bit.

> Can we, outside of Oracle, give it a try or should we better wait some
> weeks to see the build process stabilize before risking our mental
> health ;-) ?

It works fine. But its up to you to set up your environment to include 
the compilers on
your PATH etc. If you've navigated VS2003 then you should be mostly there.

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