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Wed May 19 16:42:59 UTC 2010

On 5/19/2010 8:38 AM, Pete Brunet wrote:
> >no time will be spent on VS2005 or VS2008
> Thanks Kelly, I'd like to understand why they won't be supported.

1. We won't be using them at all internally so we will have no idea if 
they work.
    Folks will complain if we say they are supported but don't work. We have
    absolutely zero cycles to even investigate this.

2. We we will be updating to the Windows 7 SDK to get access to
    newer windows features. Since the VS2010 compilers include a Windows 
    it makes things a whole lot cleaner. One install that supports 32 
and 64 bit.
   To support VS2005 at that point would require a mix of the SDK and the
   compiler. More complexity. Especially tricky for 64 bit where
   the compiler we've always used is the one from the April 2005 SDK.

3. 2008 requires uses of side-by-side assemblies for MSVCR90.DLL
   Whilst that has some benefits for MS,  its a real pain for any one 
trying to
   create their own installer.  So much so that MS changed their mind
   and  went back to MSVCR100.DLL being a regular DLL (phew).
   So we don't want to deal with that. It might not matter for a 
"developer build"
   but its a real problem when you need to go further.


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