open jdk 6 b20 testt

Krishna, Vamshi vamshi_krishna at
Mon Oct 18 16:45:42 UTC 2010


I have downloaded the openjdk 6 b20 sources. I am trying to run the
tests using the  b20 binaries delivered from the oracle site. When I run
the tests I am getting  around 490 errors. All the testcases under
javax/sound fail with compilation errors. I am running the test using
jtreg -v jdk/test/javax/sound. If I check the joseph darcy blog, the
testcases under javax/sound are passing


I do get below error for one testcase



Gervill/AudioFloatInputStream/ cannot find symbol

symbol  : class AudioFloatInputStream

location: class GetFormat

        static AudioFloatInputStream getStream1()






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