Help to build the launcher executable

JC Yang bandinfinite at
Wed Oct 20 09:03:03 UTC 2010

Hi, I've download the openjdk source(
and successfully build the entire JDK on Windows. But I can't just build the
java laucher executable(jdk/make/java/main) alone successfully. I set the
MSVC environment just as I build the entire JDK, cd to the directory and
make, and it fails with an error says "No rule to make target
`.././../../build/windows-i586/btjars/stripproperties.jar`, needed by
`strip_all_props`. Stop."

I'm new to makefile, I've read gnu make manual for several days, and try to
fixed this problem by simply adding a fake rule to to skip the build of the
jar(it's already there after once the entire JDK successfully build), but
failed. How can I fixed this problem?
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