Fix to build for jaxp and jaxws build breaks

Pete Brunet peter.brunet at
Wed Oct 27 14:50:07 UTC 2010

In case someone finds this useful...  This week I fcloned a new OpenJDK
for JDK7 and the build failed.  To fix this I had to do the following:

1) cd to jaxp/make and jaxws/make. Run 'make ALLOW_DOWNLOADS=true
source'  // Thanks to kto for this info.
2) copy zips in C:\OpenJDK\jdk7\jaxp\drop\bundles and
C:\OpenJDK\jdk7\jaxws\drop\bundles to C:/SlashJava/devtools/share/jdk7-drops
3) add the following environment variable to my startup bat file:
set ALT_DROPS_DIR=C:/SlashJava/devtools/share/jdk7-drops

I assume instead of using C:/SlashJava/devtools/share/jdk7-drops you can
use any other directory.


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