openJDK7 build fails on 64bit cblfs linux

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Tue Apr 19 01:19:16 UTC 2011

luxInteg said the following on 04/18/11 23:50:
> On Sunday 17 April 2011 23:04:35 luxInteg wrote:
>> as an uPDATE
>> I did the above   then tried to run ant  and this is what happens:-
>> ant -v
>> There was an error trying to initialize the HPI library.
>> Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
>> Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

You are mixing old VM with a new JDK (or vice versa) - the HPI library 
was removed.

>> #--------- an ls of ~/jre/bin shows there is no jvm
>> root [ /opt/openJDK/jre/bin ]# ls -l
>> total 244
>> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root   6832 Apr 17 22:40 java

java is the launcher for the JVM. java_vm is a historical artefact that 
still exists in oder releases.

> The 'pre-running-make' sanity check had this:-
> WARNING: You are not building the HOTSPOT sources.
>          Hotspot libs will be obtained from 
>          the location set in ALT_HOTSPOT_IMPORT_PATH. 
> and ALT_HOTSPOT_IMPORT_PATH = /opt/jdk-6u24

By setting the import path you instructed it to not build hotspot. The 
build logic for this is as follows:

HOTSPOT_SRC_AVAILABLE := $(call MkExists,$(HOTSPOT_TOPDIR)/make/Makefile)
     BUILD_HOTSPOT := false

So by default, if the hotspot sources exist you will build hotspot, 
provided you haven't explicitly turned it off, and you haven't said to 
use the import path.


David Holmes

> The machine had  this /opt/jdk-6u24/jre/bin/java_vm
> --a) is  /opt/jdk-6u24/jre/bin/java_vm   equivalent to 'hotspot' used?
> --b) how does one  build the  HOTSPOT sources for jdk7?  and will these 'hot 
> spot' building give a needed jvm?
> ( I looked  through the build  file and there does not seem to be any obvious 
> settings )
> thanks in advance
> luxInteg

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