guidance for installing openjdk7 64-bit linux

luxInteg lux-integ at
Tue Apr 19 18:18:17 UTC 2011


I am a novice  with building/installing openJDK.  I just managed luckily to 
compile openjdk-b138 on a dual core AMD64-cpu-based-cblfs-linux-running 
computer. The list below shows the stuff that were built.

-- Build times ----------
Target all_product_build
Start 2011-04-19 15:13:27
End   2011-04-19 15:39:23
00:02:26 corba
00:07:53 hotspot
00:00:30 jaxp
00:00:34 jaxws
00:13:40 jdk
00:00:53 langtools
00:25:56 TOTAL

The  Makefile in the base directory does not have an 'install'  entry.  So 
there is no 'make instal'  option.  So I would be grateful for some help   for  
what to copy from the build tree to the desired  location  to make a workable 
instalation of openJDK7.

thanks in advance

yours sinceely

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