openJDK7 build fails on 64bit cblfs linux

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Wed Apr 20 00:19:56 UTC 2011

luxInteg said the following on 04/20/11 01:16:
> I tried tha but it was not the problem.  I  eventually stumbled on  linkling 
> /bin/test  to /usr/bin/test.  That seems to have made a difference and the 
> build appears to have gone to completion ending as shown below.;-

In that case there should have been errors elsewhere in the log 
complaining about the missing 'test' utility.

Glad you got it built.

> I need some guidance however  to intsall (to the filesystem)  these  with the 
> j2sdk image, what to link  so programs like ant sees a jvm.

j2sdk_image is your JDK. Copy it to where ever you want, link it to 
whatever you want (eg /usr/bin/java). Or just set JAVA_HOME, or just 
have it in your path.


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