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Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Wed Apr 20 01:54:52 UTC 2011

On 11:41 Tue 19 Apr     , Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> I imagine there are probably hundreds of variable names that if set in the environment,
> could impact the build, on purpose or by accident :^(.
> We do check for JAVA_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
> Is JAVAC some kind of typical or standard environment variable that people set?
> I've never seen any use of the name JAVAC in the environment.
> If it's a common use, then yes, maybe a sanity check is in order.

I hit this problem a lot with Gentoo and OpenJDK in the early days.  IcedTea unsets
JAVAC for this reason.  I have no idea why Gentoo sets the variable.  It is pretty 
much alone among GNU/Linux distros in doing so and I have no idea why it does.  Then
again, daily Gentoo usage involves a lot more Java building than on regular distros
as Java packages are built from source.

The actual issue is completely broken use of JAVAC from the environment by the OpenJDK
build (lovely old CORBA in particular).  Instead of replacing:

javac ${OPTS} @files


${JAVAC} ${OPTS} @files

it uses

${JAVAC} @files

which is clearly going to break the build as things like the classpath are being lost.

A sanity check is probably a good first start, but maybe fixing the build to use it properly
might be useful long term.  I have no idea why the build is trying to use it to begin with,
except maybe a genuine namespace collision.

Sorry for not reporting this way back.  I was hitting it before I was working on IcedTea/OpenJDK
full time and before there was anything like the community there is now around this project.

> -kto
> On Apr 19, 2011, at 4:53 AM, Frédéric Le Mouël wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > I just succeed in compiling open-jdk7 on a Linux gentoo.
> > FYI, after fighting a bit, I had to unset JAVAC environment variable
> > to let it compile. I think that this checking should be done
> > in the sanity makefile target.
> > 
> > My two cents,
> > FLM.
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