Need reviewer: CC_VER checks on compiler options

Kelly O'Hair kelly.ohair at
Thu Apr 21 22:02:15 UTC 2011

On Apr 21, 2011, at 2:53 PM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:

> On 14:33 Thu 21 Apr     , Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>> This started out as an annoyance around the use of -Wno-clobber on Linux when the gcc might
>> not support it. Turned into fixing several CC_VER checks in the makefiles:
>> 7038711: Fix CC_VER checks for compiler options, fix use of -Wno-clobber
>> -kto
> Is there a reason for keeping this static linking at all?
> -ifeq ("$(CC_VER_MAJOR)", "3")
> -OTHER_LDFLAGS  += -static-libgcc
> +ifeq ($(CC_MAJORVER),3)
> +  OTHER_LDFLAGS  += -static-libgcc

Probably not, but I was a little reluctant to delete the lines just yet. Nothing is really changing here
in terms of impact to the build, except one less $(shell) right at this spot.

My thinking is that when this was written, gcc4 was just a twinkle in someone's eye, and
it probably was intended to be set for 3 and newer, but I'd prefer it not be set at all anymore.
So I'd like to leave it alone, and purge this and quite a bit of this cruft in jdk8.


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