Need reviewer: CC_VER checks on compiler options

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Fri Apr 22 07:12:06 UTC 2011

Hi Kelly,

Kelly O'Hair said the following on 04/22/11 07:33:
> This started out as an annoyance around the use of -Wno-clobber on Linux when the gcc might
> not support it. Turned into fixing several CC_VER checks in the makefiles:
> 7038711: Fix CC_VER checks for compiler options, fix use of -Wno-clobber

We can now drop the cross-compile check in jpeg/Makefile if you are 
going to make this conditional on the compiler version. The only reason 
we added this was because our ppc compiler is only 4.1.2

So one thing I am confused about is the required gcc version. We had 
bumped it up to 4.3 because of this no-clobber usage. But now that use 
of that option is conditional does that mean we can lower the required 
gcc version again?


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