Request for review: 7036525 Disable alternative source mechanism for OPENJDK builds

John Coomes John.Coomes at
Fri Apr 29 17:47:13 UTC 2011

David Holmes (David.Holmes at wrote:
> Simple but crude. If OPENJDK is defined then the Hotspot "alternative 
> source" mechanism is effectively disabled by checking for a non-existent 
> path. This allows people using the alt-src mechanism to select which 
> type of build they want in a way that is consistent with how builds of 
> OPENJDK are done in the rest of the JDK.
> Tested by checking the "errorReporter.cpp" location in builds 
> with/without OPENJDK set, and with/without src/closed present.
> This will be pushed into hotspot-rt/hotspot for hs21-b11

Hi David,

  38 ifneq ($(OPENJDK),true)
  39   HS_ALT_SRC_REL=src/closed
  40 else
  42 endif

The 'if' block sets HS_ALT_SRC_*REL*, but the else block sets
HS_ALT_SRC (no *REL*), and that is overwritten on line 44.

I think it works because after line 44, HS_ALT_SRC == $(GAMMADIR)/,
but I doubt that was intended.

You could change line 41 to


Then when OPENJDK=true, HS_ALT_SRC==HS_COMMON_SRC, and you don't have
to rely on NO_SUCH_PATH.


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