Need Reviewer: binary_file_verification

Kelly O'Hair kelly.ohair at
Tue Jan 4 02:01:15 UTC 2011

Need reviewer: Misc fixes related to binary file checks

This started out as fixing a rebase bug but we also needed to verify  
that our libraries were
built properly, so the binary_file_verification define was created to  
do this.
The checks are not nailed down yet, but I need to get the calls to the  
define in place first.

Initially the plan was to do this check when the j2sdk-image was  
created, but it seemed to make
sense to verify the binaries where they are created and as they get  
imported in so we can catch
problem binaries as soon as possible.

6413588: Add 'ldd -r' and 'dump -Lv' checks to all .so files delivered  
in the JDK
6975326: Problem in install/make/rebase/Makefile, grep on empty pattern
7000995: Add check in makefiles to verify that msvcp100.dll is NOT used

On Windows we currently want to make sure the DLL can have a Dynamic  
base, and that it
is NX compatible (DEP).
On Solaris and Linux, there is mostly just runs of ldd, nm, and dump/ 
readobj, the specific
things we want to check for may take a little more time to nail down.
This binary_file_verification also provides some details in the build  
log with regards
to the library dependencies, which may be of use someday in tracking  
down dependency issues.

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