prebuild Oracle VM appliance

Andrew Haley aph at
Wed Jun 15 08:59:54 UTC 2011

On 14/06/11 22:22, Sebastian Sickelmann wrote:
> i had done a contribution to openjdk7 and remembered it was very
> hard to setup all the build thinks. Now a want to make some new
> contributions and i struggle again with the build setup. How about a
> prebuild Oracle VM appliance for openjdk development (at least for
> the linux-setup). I will get it working without such a appliance but
> i think it can be a solution to lower the "entry-hurdle" in openjdk
> contribution.

Perhaps so.  I used to find OpenJDK hard to build, but now only the
pesky bundles that you have to download present any problems.  I'll be
interested to find out what other problems a prebuilt VM needs to


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