Code Review Request: CR 6988099 Add version information to jvmti demos.

Neil Richards neil.richards at
Wed Nov 2 18:54:47 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-11-02 at 14:07 -0400, Zhengyu Gu wrote:
> Hi Neil,
> My understanding is that you need to have at least two reviewers who 
> have 'reviewer' privilege, (and I don't have 'reviewer' privilege).

I had a quick leaf through the OpenJDK Bylaws. 
It looks like the number of necessary approvals from 'reviewers' vs
'committers' (vs anyone else) is project-specific, so it isn't directly
defined there.

Now you raise it, I wasn't able to track down where in the JDK 8 project
documentation this is defined either.

The log of (at least) the jdk repository suggests that this limit isn't
universally applied (though in many cases, the submitter is of
'reviewer' status themselves - perhaps that counts towards the total ?).

Kelly, can you give guidance / pointers here ?
(So far, this change has found favor by one 'reviewer' - you - and two
'committers' - Zhengyu and myself).

> Yes, I am tied up, if you can handle the push, that will be great. What 
> java bug id you need? can you use CR 6988099?

Doh! Of course I can.
(I blame it all on coding-blindness - that's the same as snow-blindness,
but in hex).

Regards, Neil

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