Xm/Motif for OpenJDK build?

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Wed Nov 9 09:09:13 UTC 2011

Hi Ramki!

On 9/11/2011 6:45 PM, Srinivas Ramakrishna wrote:
> Sorry for a rather naive question. I am building openjdk (6) from
> scratch for the first
> time and am running into an issue when building the AWT classes because
> of not finding
> the relevant Motif header files at the expected locations on my system
> (ubuntu/x64).

Is it just a case of the X11 headers being in a different location? Try 
setting ALT_OPENWIN_HOME to the top of the tree eg /usr/X11/ or 
/usr/X11R6/ or whatever it may be.


Has anyone
> else encountered this issue and had to do a fresh install of motif
> library and headers?
> If so, would OpenMotif cut it?
> thanks for any tips.
> -- ramki

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