Review request (XS): 7110396: Sound code fails to build on multiarch Linux systems

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Thu Nov 10 15:47:16 UTC 2011

2011/11/10 4:49 -0800, robert.ottenhag at
> The patch is correct, but in order to follow the convention in most other
> makefiles, I advice to use OTHER_LDLIBS instead of EXTRA_LIBS.

Ah, thanks.  I missed that one when reading through the common makefiles.

2011/11/10 5:16 -0800, robert.ottenhag at
> I am also not entirely convinced that the new multiarch support is the reason
> for these failures, although it may trigger it.

Right.  It may be that newer versions of gcc would show this problem even
on a non-multiarch system, but it's not really worth investigating any
further.  I'll clarify the description in the bug report.

>                                                 The specification for GNU ld is
> that dependencies on the link line should always be written left to right,
> i.e. object files before library files. See also
> With
> that it mind, I would not be surprised if we get similar failures in the future
> and that is why I suggest that every linker line without circular dependencies
> should be ordered left to right.

That's what I've always done too, but then I didn't write the makefile in
question here.

>                                  However, this will probably be satisfied in
> the near future as part of the new build-infra project that is converting each
> and every native library Makefile.

Looking forward to that ...

- Mark

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