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have to admit that I'm quite new to the OpenJDK version 1.7.0-internal and trying to confirm that my build on Windows is fine.
I have more or less successfully run the tests for hotspot and jdk so far and would like to compare the results to an official run of the tests.
Running the build with cygwin on Windows XP I did have to make a few small adjustments to get them working but I still get a few test failures here and there.

Is there a place where the official  test results are published so I can compare? Specifically I'd like to know which tests are supposed to run, since I also get quite a few 'not run' tests.

My second question is the langtools tests, I seem to run them successfully, but the summary.txt file isn't found. Any hint on that?
(I have been running cygwin make 3.8.1 and read that probably a higher version is required - can anyone confirm before I rebuild the whole jdk?)

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My command line for running the tests is from the main openjdk folder:

Make test PRODUCT_HOME=build/windows-i586/j2sdk-image JPRT_JTREG_HOME=<path-to-jtreg> JPRT_JCK_HOME=<path-to-jtreg JPRT_JAVA_HOME=<path-to-jdk1.6.0_27 TESTDIRS=.

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