code review request: 7092627: use agentvm mode instead of samevm in regtests

Dmitry Samersoff Dmitry.Samersoff at
Wed Sep 21 09:34:19 UTC 2011


362   #JTREG_SAMEVM_OPTION = -samevm

it's better to remove this line. Otherwise looks fine for me.


On 2011-09-21 12:51, Weijun Wang wrote:
> Here is the webrev:
> The major reason for this change is that in samevm mode, sometimes a
> test leaves garbage here or there and jtreg cannot do a successfull
> cleanup and every test following it in the same testsuite fails. By
> using agentvm, jtreg can create a new VM for these tests and let the
> test go on.
> We do notice some issues in switching from samevm to agentvm. One of
> them is com/sun/jdi/sde/, which fails on all
> platforms once agentvm is turned on.
> java/util/logging/ fails on all solaris 64 bit
> platforms (solaris-x64 and solaris-sparcv9) . They are moved to othervm
> mode and bugs are created to track the problem. There are other formerly
> unstable tests that become more unstable, and anyway they need to be fixed.
> The agentvm mode accepts a concurrency option that allows multiple
> testing VMs running at the same time. The current value is set to 1.
> Since JPRT already runs multiple tests on the same client, it's probably
> not a good idea to run even more. The major purpose of this code change
> is to enhance stability but not performance.
> Also, setting the concurrency number higher seems to make agentvm mode
> unstable. In our experiments, 80% of the tests see a 20% time saving
> when the number is changed from 1 to 2. But the other 20% consumes much
> more time, some hang for ever.
> Thanks
> Max
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> *Change Request ID*: 7092627
> *Synopsis*: use agentvm mode instead of samevm in regtests
> Product: java
> Category: java
> Subcategory: test
> === *Description*
> ============================================================
> agentvm mode is an enhanced samevm mode that allows automatic new VM
> creation when there is any unrecoverable error during test execution. It
> also allows tests running in multiple VMs simultaneously.

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