code review request for initial JDK FDS support (7071907)

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at
Mon Apr 9 20:51:26 UTC 2012


Coming soon to a JDK repo near you! Full Debug Symbols!

OK, to just a subset of libraries and programs... on Linux and Solaris...
If you're a Windows fan, the JDK repo has had Full Debug Symbols support
since way back in JDK1.4.1... Now we're trying get Linux and Solaris
caught up...

Runtime Team, we don't have much in the JDK repo, but I tried to cover
our few libraries and programs. Let me know if I missed anything...

Serviceability Team, all of your demos, libraries and programs are
covered... for some reason, updating those seemed like reliving old
times and I didn't think you'd mind... :-)

Here is the webrev URL:

Thanks, in advance, for any review comments.


For those of you that are keeping track of all the FDS
changesets, not everything has hit the various master
repos yet. As a reminder, FDS has to hit the closed
install repo first. The open root and jdk repos along
with the closed deploy repo are in the second wave. And
the hotspot repo, being more Mercurial than his fellow
ghosts, will make his appearance in his own good time
(and via a different set of repos)...

Apologies to Dickens, of course... :-)

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