location of -source / -target in new build infrastructure

Fredrik Öhrström fredrik.ohrstrom at oracle.com
Fri Apr 20 17:48:53 UTC 2012

Yes, a leftover exist in Setup.gmk thanks for spotting that David!

the -source 7 -target 7 should be replaced with $(BOOT_JDK_SOURCETARGET)
which is setup by configure and stored in the spec.gmk file.

That flag is only be used for compiling code that has to be
run by the boot jdk. The particular setup that uses -source 7 -target 7
in Setup.gmk is called GENERATE_OLDBYTECODE, which seems correct.

However for all new bytecode, the remaining setups seems to lack both
-source and -target, which is the intent, since I assumed that it would automatically
build for jdk8 then?


----- david.holmes at oracle.com skrev:

> Hi Mike,
> Check out: jdk/makefiles/Setup.gmk
> David
> On 20/04/2012 10:13 AM, Mike Duigou wrote:
> > Hello All;
> >
> > I am working on merging the new build infra into the lambda
> workspace and have run into a minor problem. The javac compile for the
> jdk sources is run with -source 7 -target 7 rather than -source 8
> -target 8. In the classic build system for the lambda repo everything
> except langtools is compiled with source/target 8. I looked and
> couldn't find where the new build sets the source version. Any helpful
> pointers?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Mike

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